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בƛ ״ À ޺
ǀ ״ ӛ ̑ , ̑ .

ҍ ލ Ҡ 鿽 ב˹ . 鿽 ״ . ŗƑ.

׵ ﹰ Ƒ. ύ ґ̙ ׿ ֍ .

צב 㛐 򺀰 " ݳ" ϣź ב ҹ. " , ര 줟" ŀƿ ב ̐Ϻ.

ח ̑ 㛎 򺀰 "򺑪  " ̦ .

⿺ՙ ̛ Ƒ ח 鹰 ⿺ՙ ә בѠ

" ͟ Š
ә ב
" .
 ѽ , ב޴, , ﰀ Ͽ 򺀰, Ƒ,

" ֎" 꿻ב. Ž ח ݑ.

ח 퐢 ҍґ Ƒ ŀ ϣźϙ 䙍 Àҿ ҿ ˰.

"޿ ˀ ב ˙ ֎ ݑ қ " .

೫ ̑, ״ ύ񙐠 . ח ˰. ˰ 򺀰,

" љ π㙠

ϫ͵ .

" ח" 򺀰 ˿. ץޙ 闰 π !

Ϣ Ƒ, ґ ŀ " ͥ ݑ ב. , э㑎 э ޺  ׯ. ב À э Ƒ.

ݑ ݙ ׹Ͽ װ퍑 ϣźѠ 򺀰,

"Ҏ ๰ ݙ
ݙ "

Ƒ ׀ .  . . "בƑ ",  ϴ  ב ϙ֍ ޺ À ՛.

ŗƑ ŗƑ ޺׀ Ž. э㑎 ݑ ݑ 㛐 ޺ב. ޺ ˿, , . ׀ . ƴ בב בґ.

Š בŠ
ӛ ב.

The Sacred Tamil in the Temples

In this article Perur Athenam Canthalinga Ramasamy Adigal outlines the reasons why Tamil must be instituted as the language of rituals in the Temples. Tamil is not ordinary - in many ways it is extraordinary. Not only it is the most ancient among the cultivated languages of the world but right from the ancient days it has grown as a divine language, a language that inculcated the presence through immensely beautiful hymns, song, and verses. It is the language of bakti of unsurpassing excellence.

Thirujnana sambanthar mentions that God himself is present in the form of Tamil hymns. Kumara Guruparar mentions that the Tamil hymns make the presence of God visible and thus made an object of direct experience.

There are many legends in which it is communicated that SIVA prefers melodious songs and not so much philosophical disputations, arguments and so forth. Manikkavasagar mentions in one of his verses how SIVA disclosed himself in the form of a labourer who toils for a pittance in order to get a song of praise. Sundarar was told by SIVA himself that archana is singing of hymns and therefore he should pursue the task of composing hymns and songs in praise of SIVA.

The Tamil people throughout their history have been gullible to foreign influences. Their intrinsic open mindedness has sometimes led to a point where their own roots were destroyed by the foreign elements. This happened once before where at the demise of the Third Sangkam, Tamil lost its cultural standing and gave place to Sanskrit. The Alwars and Nayanmarrs recovered for Tamil the rightful place through their sacred love an act of divine Grace itself. We are in a similar situation now. We must reinstitute Tamil as the language of worship in our temples in order to keep alive the essence of Saivism

Tamil is a language that has developed through bakti and bakti is what is needed to experience God directly. The Tamil hymns combine melody with deep intellect, profound understanding with beauties of expression. We as the interiors of this immensely rich tradition are not only dutibound to keep it alive but also make it available to the world at large.

Let us institute Tamil as the language of rituals in our Temples. Should we do this, we shall be favoured by the Gods themselves and all our miseries will be over.

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