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A study tour to 
Patani Para Estate
Date: 12/07/1998
Time: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm.
The Malaysia Saiva Council Youth wing organised a one day educational trip to Patani Para Estate . This estate is located about 100 Kilometers from Penang. Twenty eight students has participated in this Program. 

The idea of this program is, in addition to providing a theoretical understanding on Saivism there must also a practical experiencing of the real situation. We wanted the students to experience for themselves the temples and the understanding of Saivism of ordinary people particularly in the lower income group. We hoped that through this experience they will see for themselves the wide gap that exists between theoretical Saivism and Saivism as it is practiced in life.

The activities are:

1. The students were taken to a temple for doing a temple research. They had Archana and Prayers in a proper way; Sang Thevaram and Thiruvasakam. 

2.Mr.Bala, the program coordinator described the activities.

3.Lesson on the scientific apporaches on Temple Worship has been delivered by Ms.Suba Loganathan.

4. The students visited some  houses and talked about  Sivalinga Pooja, sang thevaram hymns and interviewed them to understand the kind of life that the people from rural places are living.

The Youth Program Coordinators and Details:
redb.gif (125 bytes)
green.gif (712 bytes) Program Coordinator:
3.Ms.Suseela Nagappan
5.Mrs.Devi Veloo
green.gif (712 bytes) Estate Arrangments:
Ms.Suseela Nagappan and Ms.Shanthy
WB01541_.gif (712 bytes) Project Activities, food and Lesson:
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