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Welcome to Saiva Youth Section !!!!

World Saiva Council is determined to   help the youths in as many ways as possible. We believe that to lead a good life in future the youths must be exposed to the foundational principles of Saiva Siddhanta.

At the moment due to lack of adequate teachings on Saivism the central principles are hardly known to the youths. Also there is   considerable misunderstanding about what Saivism is and it's relevance for leading a successful life. Due to the dominance of Vedantic forms of thought there is a mistaken idea that to be religious is to be an ascetic and hence  must  abandon family life.

In this page we want to point out that Saivism emphasises the need for family life and that it can be led  fruitfully only when it is consistent with Saivism or the right understanding of what religion is. Ample opportunities will be given to the youths  to participate actively, express their opinions and articulate their thoughts and feelings. We hope through this we can activate philosophical thinking of a suitable kind so that the youths gain an understanding of the meaning of existence.

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