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Ananth. B.
Penang, Malaysia. (Ananth)

Children are children ; they see, listen, and learn about life from their parents. They are guided by their parents, they are taught the way of life by their parents.

When a child is born to a Hindu family "let it be a girl or boy", the child's life itself starts off with religious rites, from date of birth to naming the child. It all depends on parents ;if they are religious conscious then their child will be brought the up religious way, and if not then they will be as what their parents practice in their daily life.

The children will follow what their parents feed them with,: they observe , listen ,see and follow their parents' footsteps. They can be easily trained, if the guardian is good than the child will be good, if bad then bad. Children can be categorized as boys and girls. Parents have a love for their daughters to attend Thevaram classes, musical and traditional dancing ,where else they prefer boys to attend self-defense, games and Thevaram classes.

Practically girls are more involved in religious activities than boys, because as mentioned earlier they attend these classes which is religion oriented. Girls are very active in religious practices. Girls give respect to their parents as what is taught in the Thevaram Classes –"Annaium pithaum munnari theivam".

They are sometimes given jobs involving religious rituals  such as plucking flowers, tying garlands ,cleaning the altar. They usually join their parents in prayers.

As for boys, they prefer active play, fun and action type of activities such as football, camping and more. Boys are very active in doing charity work such as cleaning temples, collecting donations, helping the weak and the poor and many more. There are still boys who attend religious activities like thevaram classes, Barathanatiyam classes, Mirtegam classes and many more. They learn the same thing the girls learn today. The boys also learn to give respect to their parent and the yelders. When a boy never prays at home, the parenst should pray at home and make him attend religious classes. This will make the boys join the parent and the parents will get benefit too. Girls are more involved in religious activities than boys but that doesn’t mean girls are better. It is not important who is the better in religious activities. What is important is how much they understand the meanings.

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