New Saiva Books in Tamil

After laps of several decades where Saiva scholars did not address themselves to vigorous philosophical thinking, now however a number of scholars have arisen who are trying to formulate philosophical systems that develop further Saiva Siddhantha and other related matters. There is a vigorous attempt to formulate Saiva Philosophies against very interesting developments in the West which has an international appeal. It is realised now, a simple repetition or simplification of ancient doctrines are not sufficient. The western notions have to be assimilated and accommodated and Saiva Philosophies have to be worked out in line with it. The traditional doctrines have to be reinvestigated in order to see the truth value against demands made by modern western thinking.

Fortunately since the end of 19th century many brilliant philosophers in the Tamil Saivite world have addressed themselves to these issues and written many brilliant treatises. Unfortunately many of these texts are not available possibly because certain apathy of modern Tamil Saivites. We hope to reverse this unfortunate trend and make available these texts in this homepage. The readers are free to print out the materials for academic purpose.
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1.ThiruNeRith Thelivu [զȢ Ǣ]

2.Thiraavida Meyyarivu Varalaaru (áŢ Ȣ ġ) [20/1/99]

3.Arut Kural () [29/4/99]